Gold Coast Photographer / Taking the simple things for granted


Life sometimes takes it toll on us, we can try so hard to do our best, get every thing done and take the simple things in life for granted.

This year for me is about slowing down, sharing more about me and getting on more of a personal level with my clients, taking more time out for my family. I’m so lucky that i get to do what i love for my job and i love every minute of it, i meet so many different people and other professionals that inspire me.

I have found doing photography has opened to my eyes to many possibilities, hope and has slowed me down.

I know longer take the simple things for granted, walking along the beach or just simply having coffee with my family overlooking a beautiful view is just enough to inspire me to shoot more, to be a better hair and makeup artist and simply love the life i’m in.

Fuji Film 400h