Dennis and Crystal’s Wedding

On Thursday the 30th of October, i had the pleasure of spending the day with some amazing people, Crystal the bride has been a returning client of mine for the past 5 years, being able to spend the day with her and making her feel beautiful was such a pleasure. I did Crystals hair and makeup and also did the photography for the day.

Cant forget to mention about how talented Crystal is as she totally did a brilliant job at making all the bouquets, i was seriously blown away.

Dennis and Crystal were married along the sea side in Red Cliff, i loved the simplicity and the focus on the true meaning of marriage, and that was of course spending the day with each other and loved ones. Crystal and Dennis needed no direction, they had fun and really expressed how they felt in front of the camera.

I must say ive been stuck to the computer ever since loading the images, i just couldn’t stop because i just loved how beautiful the images were and how they captured their special day.

Thank you both for sharing such a beautiful day with you and letting me be the one to capture your special day.

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Brides hair and makeup by The Obsession Collection

Photography by The Obsession Collection