We emphasize that our sessions are enjoyable, laid-back, and free from artificial staging. Throughout your session, I'll provide gentle guidance to help you and your loved ones be captured in the most authentic and natural manner possible, surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Should we book a engagement session prior to the wedding?

A engagement session gives you a chance to feel comfortable in front of the camera, a chance to build a relationship with myself to help you feel more relaxed on the wedding day. The heighten of emotions on your wedding day will be different to the engagement session, however this just adds more authentic moments for me to capture.

what to wear to our session

We recommend keep colours soft and complimentary to the other

people in the shoot, avoid logos ( logos tend to draw your eye away from the scene) In large group shots we suggest no pattern as 1 person will stand out unless its super subtle, for small families and couples though a little pattern is ok for example ... on mums

dress then the rest of the family stay simple. I recommend looking on pinterest for colour tones.

Should i have my hair and makeup professionally done?

Makeup artists and hairstylists are experienced in techniques that can make you look your best in photographs. They understand how lighting and camera settings can affect your appearance and can tailor their work accordingly.

who chooses photo session location?

A photographer selects the shoot location for lifestyle with a focus on maximizing photographic opportunities, leveraging beautiful lighting conditions, and aligning with your overall preferences, whether it be a beach, forest, industrial setting, or any other desired backdrop.

How long does it take to see my images?

The final completion of your photography gallery typically requires 2 months. However, you can expect to receive sneak peeks within 24 hours of your session.

Lets plan your special day